Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Trip To Barmouth

It's  been cooler today so we've been to Barmouth where there was sunshine, lovely views of the hills and of course the sea. I had a paddle in the sea while Eric watched from a dry stretch of sand holding my sandals.

We had a lovely walk along the beach with the breeze keeping us cool.  Here's a few photos of  blue skies and the blue sea. A few brave people were swimming in the sea too.

The blue flag was flying to show the safe water quality of the beach. It looks a bit like the  logo for CaRT!

We enjoyed the amazing scenery as we travelled back through the Snowdonia National Park. I love to see the mountains.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Quick Trip To Newport

On Wednesday we travelled to Newport to take Paula and her little dogs back to Rogerstone. We stopped off at Oakwood near Hereford for some dog walking and  some food from the cafe there. You now have to pay to park and the ticket man comes by car to check the cars.

We had a cuppa at Paula's house before we headed to Lisa's and Gwen's home where we stayed for a couple of nights. Peter spoiled us on Thursday by taking us out for a meal with Lisa and Gwen to the Three Blackbirds. Thanks Peter and thanks Lisa for letting  us stay.

On Friday we made our way home to Whixall enjoying the air con in the car keeping us so cool. We got some fresh  food stuff at the Coop in Wem and made our way back to the boat at Whixall Marina.

The cafe is supposed to be opening at the beginning of August so there's lots of work going on here at the moment with pavements and the road being resurfaced as well as an outside area for the cafe. There's also a large new carpark. Soon it will be finished and peace will return to Whixall Marina.

It's  been incredibly hot on the boat so we purchased a fan which has helped. It was the last one in Tesco's Shrewsbury so we didn'the have a choice.

Today I made a porthole bung for our bedroom as when the sun comes up it wakes me up. We found some foam in Dunelm and cut a 38 cms circle. I made a cover to match the curtains. Hopefully I'll sleep longer tomorrow.  The swallows twitter away  in the early mornings so perhaps I won't. Tonight they're swooping down over the large area of water in front of the marina building taking a drink of water.

A new porthole bung

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

We're Back In Whixall Marina

Seven lift bridges later with help from Paula and we're back in Whixall Marina. Soon we were moored up on our berth and plugged back in to shoreline.  BT line reconnected and you'll never guess  the phone line's fine but no broadband. I rang BT Help they're coming next week . The saga begins I wonder how long it'll take them to sort it this time.

Today  I've  been catching up with the washing before we take Paula home to Rogerstone tomorrow. Soon it was all washed and dried using the laundry at the Marina.

We then went out for lunch at the cafe at Alderford Lake cafe.  Paula and I had a prawn and salmon salad while Eric had Staffordshire oatcakes with bacon and cheese. Very  nice too.

It's one of those places  you can wild swimming in the lake and some people were enjoying the water. No doubt it was cool in today's heat but I don't fancy it.

Back on the boat the dogs were pleased to see us. They're fast asleep now after a busy morning guarding the boat.

We've packed our bags as we're off to Newport tomorrow  and we'll be staying with Lisa and Gwen for a few days. See you soon 😊

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Above The Locks At Grindley Brook

Elsie & Paula (Jaq's photo)
While we were at Hack Green Jaq took a photo of two fat ladies!

This morning we worked through the seven locks taking us above Grindley Brook locks. We queued in the heat below the staircase locks for the next three boats up. Unbelievably hot we were glad to be moored up under some shade.

The lock keeper was still there when we walked down to the Cafe for an Ice cream.  She told me  46 boats had gone through the locks today and she still had an hour to go.

Tomorrow we'll be back in Whixall Marina after two months cruising. Just seven lift bridges left now......I hope it's  cooler tomorrow.

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Wrenbury To Willey Moor Lock

Yesterday we worked through Swanley and Baddiley  Locks in the sunshine. It was much too hot for me with no breeze to speak of. We found a spot under the trees before the Church Liftbridge to moor up.

In the morning we popped to the shop for bread and milk to keep us going until we get back to Whixall. Paula was pleased there were no cows in the field we walked through.

A little further  today with two lift bridges and three more locks taking us above Willey Moor Lock. The pub was open so we moored up away from the lock bollards. Paula and I had ham salads with thick slices of cut ham and Eric had a burger, it was lovely food and we enjoyed some  cold beers and cokes too.

A lovely ham salad

Eric is all set to watch the Grand Prix Qualifiers and the Football. I think I'll have an afternoon nap!

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Back On The Llangollen Canal

Just two locks at Hack Green and we were on our way to Nantwich. There was a space so we moored up before the aqueduct. It was still incredibly hot and it didn't cool down much overnight.

This morning after a quick stop at the services we enjoyed a slightly breezy trip to the locks at Hurleston.  We were soon at the top of the flight of four locks with some help from the volunteer lock keepers.  Some confusion below the top lock with two boats in the pound and another coming up. The lock keeper let us up before he let the next boat down. It was nice and breezy at the top of the locks too.

We moored at the first moorings on the Llangollen Canal.  A good spot near a road as we were expecting visitors.  Sharon and Ian (cousins of Paula and Eric) came with cakes. Lovely to catch up with you both and we all enjoyed the cakes.

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

A Stop At Coole Pilate

Paula tea maker extraordinaire 

We enjoyed our stop at Audlem with a visit to look around Audlem Mill as well as food in the Shroppie Fly.

Just a stop for water yesterday morning at the Audlem Services but we had to wait.... then down the last three Audlem Locks. With a little shade it was cooler working through them.

Then a short hop to Coole Pilate moorings where it certainly wasn't cool although we had some breeze coming under the thick hedgerow through the side hatch.

A glorious sunset certainly a red sky at night moment last night. I enjoyed watching the mad antics of the swallows swooping past the boat they must have been catching flies as they swooped near the water as they didn't seem to be drinking.

The side hatch was towpath side this evening so we couldn't leave it open overnight but with the windows open we were fine.