Wednesday, May 16, 2018

One Of Those Days

We spent a lovely couple of days at Coole Pilate before we moved onto Audlem. Feeling lazy we just worked through  the first two locks and moored up. I did get some food shopping though.

The next day we went up one lock  and then  filled up with water outside The Shroppie Fly  and then got rid of the rubbish and emptied cassettes before we  continued up the flight of locks planning to do ten. It was much easier when we  met boats coming down. We stopped at Coxbank as the only boat moored up although a boat joined us later.

This  morning we stayed put until the rain stopped and then finished the last two locks of the Audlem flight. Hello to the crew of  NB Bristol Cream who  read this blog who we passed at the top

Next we worked through some very leaky Adderley Locks stopping at the top for a pork pies and cup cakes from the  Farm Shop.....yummy ๐Ÿ˜Š.

A lovely cruise to Market Drayton and then we moored up and locked the padlock and realised we were locked out. Many thanks to Talbot Wharf who supplied a bolt cutter but it didn't touch the Master padlock (level 8 security) so it needed  a man  from Talbot Wharf with a  disc cutter and he cut through both sides of the lock to get it off.  Thanks again .

We walked  to Homebase to get a replacement padlock and then to Asda for a curry for tea. I put the curry  in the microwave and  then I pressed the button to open the door but nothing happened.  The only way I could stop it cooking was to turn it off at the main switch. Eric forced the door open to get the curry out. So it's definitely been one off those days.๐Ÿ˜•

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