Thursday, April 05, 2018

Easter In South Wales

We left our boaty home all  cosy with an electric radiator  on a thermostat to protect it against any cold spells. We didn't have snow in Newport but I know they had a sprinkling in Llangollen.  We'll find out when we get back if Whixall had any snow.

Travelling on Easter Sunday meant no holds ups and fairly quiet roads although we couldn't have our usual pit stop at Queenswood County Park as the car park was full. Families were enjoying the walks and adventure playground as it's one of those places you only have to pay to park.

We stopped at 'The Pilgrim Hotel'  on the A49 in a place called Much Birch, Hereford and had a lovely Sunday lunch with  roasted lamb on the menu. Although we hadn't  booked they found us a table in the bar as the restaurant was full. Suitably full we continued on our way to Newport.

It's the Easter Holidays so we're enjoying some time with our granddaughters. Gwen and Scarlett who are on holiday from school. We've been to see Peter Rabbit in the cinema which we enjoyed despite some negative reviews.

Scarlett & Gwen 

We've been shopping for a birthday cake as Gwen will be ten on Sunday. We're  coming back to the peace of the boat Sunday lunctime  leaving the kids to enjoy themselves with a sleepover. I doubt there will be much sleep.

Before that we've got afternoon tea at Season's in Rogerstone on Friday which was a birthday present from Eric's sister Paula. Gwen is coming to help us out with eating cake.

Paula enjoying a cuppa at Season's 

We've  been having some doggy company with  Lisa's  sprocker Lila  and Paula's chihuahua  and chihuahua / yorkie cross but are resisting all attempts to get a new  puppy.

Off for a bath now.....that's  the one thing I miss as we  only have a shower on the boat. Bubbles here I come.

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