Thursday, April 12, 2018

Back Onboard At Whixall

We arrived back on Sunday evening leaving the birthday girl to a sleepover with pals. I doubt if there will be much sleep! Of course we had cake before we left and with all those candles it looked like it was on fire.

Not on fire just how the camera took it
They trip back was through Wales so it took longer but we loved the scenery on the way. We stopped at a big Tesco superstore to get shopping before the 4pm closing time. We hoped there was a cafe but there wasn't  so I had wraps and Eric chose sandwiches and we had the meal deal with drinks and snacks.

The boat was fairly warm but the fire was soon lit and we unpacked the bags. The washing pile was done the next few days using the big machines in the laundry. We had some macaroni cheese and watched some TV.

Looking at the weather forecast for next week we're planning a short trip to Llangollen.  After that we're picking up three months prescription at the beginning of May and then we're  off on the big trip. We're hoping to go down to Stourport and go on the River Severn to Tewkesbury  and then the Avon to Stratford on Avon. It all depends on River levels. We've   got the life jackets and anchor sorted as we haven't  need the anchor for a while.  The trip from Stratford back to Whixall is undecided but we have three months in total to enjoy the boat. We're really looking forward to our trip next week it's  been a long winter.

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