Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Back Online At Whixall

We've struggled all week with no BT Internet or phone signal but we had  a Three dongle for the basic stuff but not good enough for I Player or Netflix. BT fixed the phone line but the speed of the Internet was just 0.1mbs so still useless. A few phone calls. later they promised to fix it by 5pm today and they did. It took a week but  we now have an amazing speed for Whixall of 2.8mbs. (Let's hope it stays). This afternoon we're having a Netflix fix and watching 'The Age of Adaline' which was a very good film.

This week we popped down to see Jaq  on NB Valerie  near Hurleston Junction. We parked the car in the layby thanks to the sat nav and walked down the flight of locks to find the boat. Later we went out to lunch at the cafe at Alderford Lake. It was lovely to see her and have a great catch up. Jaq came back to the boat to see the Marina where we live before we took her back to her boat.  Jaq reminded us to take a photo because I always forget. Here's the photo with a lovely smile.

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Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

It was lovely indeed to spend the afternoon with you both. thank you for lunch and for introducing me to Alderford Lake. It was lovely there and I was mightily impressed by Whixall marina--a quiet and lovely haven.

Glad to read your technology woes are sorted at last! Eric must have been having withdrawals without Youtube!!

Love Jaq xxx