Wednesday, March 07, 2018

An Update From Whixall Marina

The second dump of snow missed us in Whixall Marina but the weather stayed below freezing for a few days meaning the water taps were frozen. With the thaw came the leaks, as the push fittings popped off inside the utility posts as the water main tap was turned back on. Phil and Darren soon sorted out the leaks and we were able to top up the water tank on the boat. We'd been  very careful with quick showers to make sure the water lasted. We were still able to do the washing in the marina laundry.

We didn't run out of food either as we'd stocked up after seeing the weather forecast. When the roads cleared of snow....thank you to the farmers who cleared the lanes, we were able to get some milk and bread. Luckily the shelves weren't empty with panic buying in Whitchurch.

The weather has got better with higher daytime temperatures but we still have cold nights and a layer of ice is soon covering the water.  On warmer days it's thawed in the day.

Yesterday we decided to go for a walk around Ellesmere, one of our usual dog walks but without a dog which is still very strange. A few dogs aproached us for a fuss so we had a dog fix! There's  still a lot of ice floating in the canal and at the junction with the Ellesmere Arm the ice is solid. The coal boat was moored opposite the water points so they're getting about regardless of the weather.

Our broadband died  and the phone line went all crackly with strange noises on Monday and today the phone is dead too. After several calls to BT an engineer is booked to come Friday.....fingers crossed they keep the appointment and get us connected once again. We have Three dongle which has a 15gb limit which we use when we're  out cruising but unlimited BT broadband means we can watch Netflix and on demand TV without worrying about going over our limits.

We've been looking at the maps thinking about our three months out  cruising  starting in May Always nice to think about on a warm and cosy boat.


Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

My Dears,

I am woefully behind reading blogs and I have just caught up with yours. I am crying as I type, for your loss of Ben which shocked me, and wanting to wish you Elsie a happy belated birthday. I am glad you were warm and cozy during the colder weather. Now if there were just regular bus service from your marina I could come up and join you.

Thank you for the lovely pictures of Snowdrops and your family. They offer me hope that maybe this year will offer me some joy too.

Much love to you both,

Jaq xxx

Elsie said...

Hi Jaq, Lovely to see you today.Quite happy to help you with the locks. Lover Elsie & Eric x

Elsie said...

Love!! Predictive text strikes again.