Tuesday, January 09, 2018

A Week In The Sick Boat

Actually the boat is fit and well. It's the crew that are sick suffering with a flu/ cold symptons including a totally bunged up feeling with  headaches, dry chesty coughs and drippy noses. I started it off earlier in the week and then Eric came down with it on Sunday. Hopefully we'll feel better soon. We've  both had the flu jabs which may or may not help us.

If all goes to plan we should get our Tesco delivery today.....fingers crossed we need more tissues! The delivery arrived after a phone call from the driver asking where we were.....all he had was the postcode! I rang Tesco online and asked them to add our correct address as listed on Royal Mail postcode/ address finder.

So we're well stocked with tissues and hoping to feel better soon! Well done Tesco all I ordered and no substitutions and a  cheerful driver who delivered to the boat.


John Lane said...

Sorry to hear that you're both I'll, hope you feel better soon
Cousin John

Elsie said...

Thanks John x

John Lane said...

Are you feeling any better yet? I had the flu in Nov/Dec & it's not nice!

Elsie said...

I am feeling much better as the headaches gone but still a bit congested and coughing fits. Eric is going through it now with the cough and yucky sinuses. I'm keeping a check on his temperature as doctor on Wednesday said his chest was clear then. Hopefully he'll feel better soon otherwise it's back to the doctor's. Take care, Elsie