Monday, January 29, 2018

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Ben Takes A Dip

Yesterday Ben the dog decided to take a shortcut rather than taking a corner and ended up taking a dip. Needless to say he's 29 kgs and difficult to get out of the water but the handle on his harness helped me get him out. A shivering dog was soon back onboard wrapped in a towel. He was very ungrateful as I dried him off......growling at me. I suppose  I should have been watching him but he was behind me as he didn't really want to go for a walk. No after effects. ....he's fine but I'm a bit achey!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Windy At Whixall

Last night the wind howled and moved the boat  about on the water as the rain banged on the roof.......I was awake but Eric was  fast asleep. He's a bit deaf in one ear so that helps. I must have got some sleep when the weather calmed down.

The nasty bug going round certainly hit us for six. and ten days on I am feeling much better although Eric has a way to go the coughing has eased. The nurse at the doctor's said it's nothing to do with flu as no body aches or sore throats just a painful head  and totally bunged up feeling in the sinuses and a dreadful cough. We've certainly kept Kleenex in business.

We've been very pleased to have grocery deliveries after the Tesco driver rang to find out where we are. Ben the dog's had short walks around the marina or along the canal.....not that he minds he likes to lie by the fire and sleep!

Here at Whixall life is good....... coal and logs delivered to the boat by Phil or Darren to keep us warm and cosy. Friendly  neighbours who chat to you and help you out if you need it. We watch the changing seasons and the wild life in the marina. The only downside is the car never stays clean long with all the mud and puddles of the joys of living in the country.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

A Week In The Sick Boat

Actually the boat is fit and well. It's the crew that are sick suffering with a flu/ cold symptons including a totally bunged up feeling with  headaches, dry chesty coughs and drippy noses. I started it off earlier in the week and then Eric came down with it on Sunday. Hopefully we'll feel better soon. We've  both had the flu jabs which may or may not help us.

If all goes to plan we should get our Tesco delivery today.....fingers crossed we need more tissues! The delivery arrived after a phone call from the driver asking where we were.....all he had was the postcode! I rang Tesco online and asked them to add our correct address as listed on Royal Mail postcode/ address finder.

So we're well stocked with tissues and hoping to feel better soon! Well done Tesco all I ordered and no substitutions and a  cheerful driver who delivered to the boat.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Back On Our Floaty Home Again

This morning we left Newport and headed back home with Ben the dog. We stopped on the way for a comfort break for all three of us at Oakwood Country Park  outside Hereford. We went for a muddy walk in the Arboretum. There's  a lovely cafe with take out, so I had a lovely ham salad and Eric had a bacon and egg toastie. Ben the dog had two cut up sausages!  We had coffees too.

The journey went well with a few holdups where the car in front went 40mph regardless of the speed limits. We stopped in Wem at the Coop to get milk bread and something for tea.

Back onboard Ben was soon asleep. He copes better with carpets than hard floors where his back legs slip and he's like Bambi. This time he didn't  have to cope with stairs as a baby gate blocked off the stairs so he couldn't attempt to get upstairs and fall down them.

In the photo he's  tucking in to some treats. He did well for treats this Christmas  and says thank you to Paula and Clare.

The boat was pretty cold as the electricity post had tripped for some reason  but it soon warmed up with the Webasco diesel heater and the fire lit in the stove. The batteries  were down a bit but the battery charger soon sorted that.

I now have a washing mountain after two weeks in Newport  but I'll  start on it tomorrow.

Monday, January 01, 2018