Friday, October 27, 2017

Sunshine In Llangollen

We had some condensation on the inside of the boat windows after a cold night. Soon it turned into a beautiful sunny day.

Let's go out in the car we thought and ended up in Llangollen. I always enjoy a visit to Wales with the lovely view of Castell Dinas Bran sitting on the top of the hill. I didn't have the energy to walk up there today.  We had a coffee, looked at the views and sat and watched the white water rafts coming down the River Dee. Plenty of  water in the river today.

After a very nice freshly made ham salad roll from Chatwins we made our way back to the car and came back to Whixall. Ben had a taste of the ham!

A few things to do before we spend next week in Newport. Eric's  cleaning the car inside and out. I'm doing the washing in the laundrette. We've  just got to pack some bags tomorrow   and then we're going  on Sunday.

Monday, October 23, 2017

All's Well At Whixall

NB Bendigedig on her berth

Well ex hurricane Ophelia came and departed from Whixall Marina causing little damage with just a small  tree falling on the green. The oak trees had branches which moved rapidly in the winds which survived too. Since the storm the large branches overhanging  the boats have been removed by  a man with a chain saw and a man with a tractor with a lift on it. A large oak tree came down near the social centre   on Post Office Lane blocking the road for a day but  there's always another lane taking you where you want to go. It's easy to get lost in Whixall too. Someone told us you need GPS in Whixall.

After the storm

Storm Brian seemed to have passed us by with just strong winds. It just seemed like any other windy nIght and we're  used to wind in Whixall. Other areas definitely had a battering and the news showed the lighthouse at Porthcawl with the huge waves crashing.

We found a new place to walk the dog called Brown Moss. Paths run through a wooded area and there's  a peaty lake to walk alongside. A small herd of cattle roam there so we did have to divert to avoid them. A lady with a large husky dog did the same saying it wasn't a good idea to take her dog near cattle. Apparently it's a site of special scientific interest  and there's  lots of species of plants there  but in Autumn all we saw was leaves.

Nothing much happening here on NB Bendigedig at this moment. The coal fire is glowing in the stove and the fan is spinning on top. Ben the dog is fast asleep.

Eric took the photos of Whixall marina, here's a few more.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Ready For A New Cratch Cover

Eric's been busy repairing and painting the cratch board and now it's refitted  and ready for its new cover.  Tony from Bethsaida Covers came to the marina today to see what we wanted and measure up if the wind eases off. It's  windy Whixall  today! He works from his boat at Shebden Wharf on the Shroppie   with the butty all kitted out.

Another week's  gone by and we've been out and about on foot and in the car. On Monday we enjoyed the mile walk at Attingham Park  in the sunshine, Ben seems to liven up a bit when we're on the way back to the coffee shop. I had a look at the lovely stuff in the National Trust shop but we've  no room for more ornaments.

We've also been enjoying our usual walks  alongside the Mere at Ellesmere and around the lake at Alderford Lake. Of course we regularly walk along the Prees Branch from the marina with Ben the dog on a go slow until we're on our way back.

The flowers in the  window box on the front of the boat have been replaced with Winter pansies hiding  daffodil bulbs planted ready for Spring which seems so far away at the moment.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Oh No A Leaky Water Pump!

The week started off with a walk around Aldersford Lake followed by a coffee and a toasted teacake. We managed to keep dry and Ben the dog was walking in front of us for a change. Lately he's not keen on this walk lark and follows behind us on his lead.

I love the dragon 

Bendigedig in Barmouth

We also had a lovely trip to Barmouth with the great mountain scenery on the way. I love the seaside and Barmouth beach was lovely  with the breaking  waves even though it was rather blowy. Ben had a little run back and for between myself and Eric on the beach. We also had some fish and chips while Ben had a sausage. 

Today  Eric's been busy putting the last coat of paint on the cratch board. He thought he'd finished for the  day but he hadn't.  I'd discovered the cause of the water pump running intermittently when I  delved underneath the   false floor of the cupboard under the sink. It's surprising how much stuff was in that cupboard. The body of the water pump was leaking but it had lasted more than four years so I couldn't complain.

Jabasco water pump

A half  hour trip to the chandlery  in Nantwich to get a replacement of the same model Jabasco  to make  things simpler. So now  Eric has  his head in the cupboard replacing the water pump. Fingers crossed  for no leaks!! All sorted and all the stuff is back in too. I'd forgotten there was a bag of  cotton rags in there from old t shirts. Now it's time for tea.