Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Onwards To Llangollen

We moved on from our mooring at Poachers' all wrapped up in rain gear but we only had intermittent showers.  We followed two boats across Chirk Aqueduct and into the tunnel as it was clear. We always manage to bash the sides as the water flow seems to drag you to one side so you crab your way through. All quiet at Chirk Marina as we passed it by.

Going across the aqueduct was fun and of course  we  were flying the Welsh flag. A sharp left turn took us onto the last stretch down to Llangollen.

Slow progress with the waits for the narrows to clear. I walked ahead with Ben the dog who was not keen on this walking today. I used WhatsApp  because we had a good  data signal to call Eric  to tell him it was OK  to come through, but as he was forth in the line of boats  the message was sent ahead by shouts. But the leading boat wanted to know how he knew it was  clear!

Finally through and moored up but not looking forward  to the storm. It was incredibly noisy last night  with the  rain plops on the roof and the wind. We were  lucky a huge oak branch came down between the two  boats ahead of us but no damage to the boats. It took some getting out of the water by the hire boats crew as the canal was  blocked.

This fell from an oak tree
 I got stung by a wasp on my bottom this morning by a wasp that decided to spend the night on the furry blanket on our bed. Not knowing he was there I sat on him!! Ouch! He must have come in through the mushroom.

Another bit of contact from a leaving boat  getting too close .......who needs an alarm clock?

Can you see the horse?

There he is!

Plenty of water in the River Dee

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