Thursday, August 03, 2017

Off To Newport Very Soon

Our granddaughters having fun!

We're  enjoying being back home in Whixall. Eric has missed driving his car so we've been out and about by car.  We went to Shrewsbury and had a walk at the Quarry by the River Severn. There's  lots of work going on there getting ready for the  Shrewsbury flower show.

We headed for  McDonald's  but it's  been revamped so tried Burger king at Battlefield roundabout..... but never again! The double cheeseburger was so tiny (it tasted ok), chips ok and the coke was undrinkable! They did ask if we wanted the extra large one but we didn't know the normal  size was so small. Much better quarter pounder cheeseburgers at McDonald's.

At the weekend we're off to Wales to visit our family. Our daughter  Sally  took this photo of her daughter Scarlett  having fun with foam in her garden with Gwenllian. Looking forward to seeing them. See you soon.

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