Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Happy Anniversary To Us

We're  currently  in Newport   for a week or two.  Yesterday we went out for a meal at the local Flaming Grill to celebrate fifty years together. It's  actually our forty sixth wedding anniversary but we met when I was seventeen and Eric was nineteen at a youth club. No computer dating, mobile phones and Internet then.........it seems a long time ago.

We went to the seaside too and I accompanied Gwen on the dodgems. Not easy to get in or out of but she enjoyed it. We renamed them 'crashems' as we did a fair bit of crashing. She's practising driving for when she's older as driving in Newport is an experience all on its own. Signals not existent and just I'm  going whether you like it or not on round abouts.

Here's  a few photos of Gwenllian in Porthcawl.

Today we're going to the National Museum  in Cardiff there's  an special exhibition of dinosaur babies.  First of all we need to walk the dog as he's not allowed on this outing.


Halfie said...

Congratulations Elsie and Eric. You're right, it WAS a long time ago!

Honey Xhk said...

Beautiful pictures, Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope you have a wonderful day!! =)