Monday, July 03, 2017

White Water At Tyrley Locks

White water below Tyrley Bottom Lock

Trying to get in the lock!

Oops! minor collision with red sandstone cliff

We made it using a bow rope

No mooring in the pound
We left Market Drayton after lunch and arrived at the bottom lock (5) to white water, we've never seen it so fierce. When we got further up we found out why. Apparently something was stuck in the lock and CaRT  employees let a great deal of water down to clear it. It came down so fast it flooded the towpath in the pound below the top lock much to the surprise of the boat waiting to go up the flight. Maybe someone should have walked down the flight to tell us.

Going through Woodseaves Cutting
It was lovely and peaceful  going through the cutting just the sound of the birds and the hum of the engine. We moored up at Goldstone Wharf  just in time for tea.......homemade chicken curry.

Tea was with a bump at a training boat 'Shropshire Lass' decided to reverse past us and bumping us with its bow.When we complained the trainer who was  reversing said it was only the rubbing strip so he's training new boaters it's OK to make contact with another boat. Has he been watching too much TV.

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