Friday, July 07, 2017

Wheaton Aston To Brewood

We were glad of the little bit of shade on Wheaton Aston moorings  keeping the boat a little bit cooler yesterday  but it was still 80 degrees F. Just three boats moored before the bridge so quiet too.

We popped down to the Hartley Arms to sit in the pub garden with a pint of bitter and a packet of crisps for Eric anyway.....I was quite happy with coke as I don't need a headache from alcohol. Ben the dog just watched everyone....he was on house water!

This morning we went under the bridge to the services, tanks filled or emptied and rubbish disposed of. There was room in the recycling skip too so that was good as I couldn't  get rid off recycling at Norbury Junction all the skips were  full and  overflowing.

Next stop Brewood  for shopping before we moored up further on. The butcher's  sells lovely pies so we have a steak and kidney  one for tea. Much cooler today with a breeze too,  so the crew of Bendigedig are feeling much more comfortable.

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