Monday, July 17, 2017

Up The Locks To Barlaston

The Star Inn alongside Lock 27 (Stone Locks)

First  job of the day was topping up the  water tank  then it was up the first of eight locks planned for today.  The Star Inn was shut so we didn't have an audience as we did the lock. Ben  waited patiently for his walk tied to a bench as there were lots of cyclists on the towpath today.

We stopped for diesel at Stone Boat Building Chandlery. Leaving with an A4 piece of paper confirming the split I chose  as well as a receipt. I noticed  the boat's name was spelt   incorrectly  despite repeatedly spelling it letter by letter, but it didn't matter the number was correct. Next job the cassettes needed emptying so we were  soon moored up below the next lock  to  use the Elsan.

Ben and I walked up to the Meaford Locks and worked  through those. Lock 33 was unbelievable slow to fill but had a notice that C&RT were aware. Boats coming down the locks as we came up them so time to have a chat to the crew.

We moored up on the outskirts of Barlaston, you can't really get away  from the noise of the trains with the Stafford to Stoke line running  alongside the canal. Never mind the sun is shining , the sky is blue and all is well onboard NB Bendigedig

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