Thursday, July 20, 2017

Through Harecastle Tunnel To Kidsgrove

Harecastle Tunnel southern portal

Harecastle Tunnel northern portal

Approaching a duplicate lock
This morning we left Westport lake behind and headed for Harecastle Tunnel. A much cooler day to start and decidedly cold in underground delights of the tunnel. We were lucky as we arrived to no queue and went straight in the tunnel after the safety briefing, When the doors closed and the fan came on drawing out the fumes  it was like being in a fog and incredibly noisy. Soon we were going through at a good speed and looking out for the lower roof sections where Eric needed to duck.

Ben the dog wasn't bothered about tunnels he just settled down to sleep at the bottom of the steps. Forty minutes later we emerged into the light. the difference in the colour of the water never ceases to amaze me with the orange colour due to minute particles of ironstone rock according to Pearson's Canal Companion.

Duplicate narrow locks  with the occasional single narrow locks are the feature of the Cheshire locks  known as Heartbreak Hill  probably because they come thick and fast. Usually one chamber is ready for you but you don't know until you get there which one. Just after the junction with the Macclesfield Canal  we met the start of the locks taking us down to Wheelock. 

We pulled in at the Red Bull Visitor Moorings in the last available space ready for our appointment with Chris Jones a Beta engineer as it's service time again. 

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