Sunday, July 23, 2017

Nearly Done 'Heartbreak Hill'

A quiet night at Rode Heath and up and away with twelve locks planned for today as we wanted to get them done. Duplicate narrow locks  have an advantage in that one lock of the pair is usually ready for an oncoming boat. I think we seemed to work quicker in going down locks.

It  was just as well  I was walking with Ben the dog  because some of the pounds between the Wheelock Locks were low and  Eric had to stay in the middle until I opened the lock gates.

Tired after heavy gates and paddle gear I did steer the boat and let Eric do some of the locks. The gunnel's will need some touch up paint once we've  gone up Grindley Brook on the Llangollen Canal as the side weirs get us every time.

We're  moored on pins in the long pound two locks up from Wheelock. Here you can't  hear the noisy A road as much  as you can on the Wheelock  Visitor Moorings. As you can see on the pictures  we're  low down as this pound is down too, let's hope  we don't  fall out of bed in the night if the water level goes down any more and tilts the boat.

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