Thursday, July 13, 2017

Just Two Hours To Tixall Wide

Tixall Lock Cottage

Approaching Tixall Lock

Moored at Tixall Wide
Up bright and early ......well 9 o'clock! We  took Ben for a walk as far as B & Q and on the way back I did the shopping at Aldi  as it's close to the canal.  I had a lot of shopping for my money so you can see why it's a busy store. Eric and Ben the dog walked back to the boat while I did the shopping rather than stand and wait an age for me.

Back onboard I filled the fridge and put some ice-cream in the freezer compartment for those hot times when an ice-cream cornet would go down a treat. We do have a freezer under our bed but I haven't used it for a while as the noise drives me nuts. I  like peace and quiet not a constant hum and the thermostat clicking on and off.

Just one lock today and we were soon moored at Tixall Wide. Ben the dog wasn't too keen on jumping off as it's quite a jump to the ground, I got growled at but that's nothing new. He's a grump at times! He's currently stretched out fast asleep as it was quite a long walk for him this morning.

I took my boots off as my feet were hot and a cheeky horsefly bit my little toe as I stood on the back of the boat. Antihistamine cream to the rescue as I bought a new tube in Stafford.

I must make a mention to the boaters' who passed  us as we travel telling us they read my blog......Thank you for reading it.

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