Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cruising To Grindley Brook

We started off in the rain but it soon stopped. We started off with the two locks at Swanley the first one we came to (Lock 2) had a stream coming out of the  tow path side lock wall which didn't stop so the canal water has found it's  way probably making a void behind the lock wall so a problem in the making.

Ben and I walked between the  locks and hopped back on board for a ride to the bottom of Baddiley Locks. Three locks this time going up with lots of boats on the move it was nice not having to shut the gates behind us.

Just two lift bridges at Wrenbury and on the first we were waved through. But  of course I held up the traffic on the electric one by the time the two boats had gone through. I showed a holidaymaker how to use the panel as she hadn't used it before.

We decided not to moor up at Wrenbury but carry on in the sunshine to the bottom of Grindley Brook  locks. The wind picked up as we did the four locks making pulling  in for the locks hard work as the wind was taking the boats away from the towpath side of the canal. It was causing problems for some inexperienced crew who found themselves stuck on the wrong side of the canal.  Lots of help on hand though to get them free.

So we're  moored now with Grindley Brook Locks ahead of us tomorrow.  Let's  hope it stays dry.

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