Monday, July 03, 2017

Adderley Locks And Pie For Lunch

Moored in Market Drayton

Well we've left Coxbank and worked through the top two locks of the Audlem Flight. Ben and I had a lovely walk to the Adderley Locks. Just five locks closely spaced and everyone set for us with boats coming down the flight, it was our lucky day. At the top lock is Adderley Farm Shop with meat available at the farm and a canalside stall with pork pies amongst other things in the fridge. Ice creams too in the freezer just right on a hot day. We chatted with the farmer and his wife, she said they couldn't make enough pork pies. Lunch on the go was sorted then with some pickle of course.

A few hours later we were moored up at Market Drayton just before the bridge before water point. Houses on both sides of the canal and a favourite dog walking route but still very quiet overnight. This morning I walked as far as Asda to get Ben some Wag complete dog food as they only had Bakers in Audlem. A few pork chops and some vegetables for tea and we were sorted.

We waited for a space at the water point  and I put a  quick wash load on to wash while we waited. It had finished before we got to fill up. So we're off to  Tyrley Locks now. I really must take some photos.

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