Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Weekend In Stone

Welcome to Stone
On a mission this morning to moor at Stone so we left a little bit  earlier  than usual at 9.30 am. By eleven we were moored up at the end of the visitor moorings.  The first place we came too.

Just Aston Lock to work through so a leisurely morning. Ben  had his walk when we walked into town to have a look at the shops in the town and do a food  shop in Morrisons.  I should have said look at the charity shops as there were more charity  shops than anything else.

Food shopping done while Eric had a coffee and a sausage roll in the cafe with Ben the dog. They have seats and tables outside which was good. Ben enjoyed  a bit of Eric's sausage roll. He's  now fast asleep on his furry mat.

We're  staying put tomorrow  as we don't  need to be the other side of Harecastle  Tunnel until Friday when the engine is being serviced by Chris  our friendly Beta  engineer  hopefully  at Red Bull.

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