Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Little Retail Therapy In Stafford

This morning we thought we'do try our luck and see if we could moor up at Radford Bank as I wanted  to go shopping . For the last three weeks I've missed having a look around the shops. Today I discovered a new M&S in Stafford so I bought a couple  of T shirts and a new pair of long shorts to replace my tatty ones.

Of course it was raining as Ben and I walked down to Deptmore  Lock. Just one lock to work through  today . We ended up mooring on pins  before the Visitor Moorings as they were full. OK  as long as the boats went past fairly slowly. Eric did  have to knock them back in a few times as the ground was fairly  soft.

Tomorrow  we're  going to take Ben for a walk on a footpath which comes out opposite B&Q as we need a few bits and pieces. We've  got a leak around a window frame where the screw needs replacing  as it couldn't  be tightened up. It's  actually snapped in the hole and was kept in by a blob of silicon  so needs drilling out to be replaced.

After that I need some food shopping  and Aldi is very close to the canal so that's  where I'll be shopping.  Then we're  off   cruising as far as Tixall Wide to enjoy peace and quiet.

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