Sunday, June 11, 2017

It's Windy At Whixall As Usual

It's  windy at Whixall but the satellite dish is staying fixed (so far) to the roof by it's suction base now that we have a shiny roof. The wind always makes it difficult to get in and out of our berth but we're not going out yet so it doesn't matter.

We're  feeling thoroughly lazy this afternoon although I've been busy this week making the rest of the boat curtains. They're  all on their poles now without any hooks or rings thanks to the heading tape from Ikea which fits straight on the pole.

Still some jobs on the to do list for this week such as  tidying up and resealing the inside of the windows where they've  been taken out for painting and put back in.

Ben the dog and I have been  out walking mostly missing the rain. He wants to go out but just plods along......a bit like me when I don't really want to go either.  He only speeds up when we're  on the way back to the marina.

Tomorrow the part of Alders Lane up to Whixall Marina is being repaired  but it  does says we'll be able to get past. It was damaged by a huge crane as it was reversing up the narrow road, which came to lift the CART work boats out onto low loaders.

So another week's gone by. Eric's had a haircut so looks less like Father Christmas  and mine is being cut on Tuesday at 'No 4' in Wrexham so it looks like it'll be fish and chips for lunch as there's a lovely cafe nearby.

The red arrows have just flown over us here at Whixall which Ben's hiding......he hates the noise of jet engines.


Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Elsie the new curtains are lovely!! I hope to finally make my way up to your neck of the cut sometime in autumn. It will be so grand to see you and Eric once again. Les and I tried so hard to get back up there but it was not to be. When I do finally arrive I would love to have you both aboard for dinner.

Love Jaq xxx

Elsie said...

Hi Jaq I'm glad the curtains are finished.....after ten years I think the others needed replacing. I'm sure we'll get together in the Autumn and we look forward to sampling your cooking. We're hoping to get out of the marina but Eric's got shingles so not feeling up to a trip yet? Not sure where we're going it's just a case of which way shall we go when we get to a junction. Hope to see you soon, love Elsie & Eric x