Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ellesmere To Grindley Brook

We took the boat to Ellesmere but couldn't moor on the arm to get the shopping. It was no different the following day so I bought a new shopping  trolley so I could stock up the cupboards. I didn't buy much for the fridge as it was  having trouble getting cold enough and the milk went off. Now the weather's cooler it's back to keeping between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius. So we're  ok for now if that heatwave was the only exceptionally hot weather this Summer!

Leaving the madness of Ellesmere  on a windy morning was fun and we stopped  off by the Prees Arm to get the post and pick up the car so we could pop into Wem  to get fish and chips at 'Fry Day'  by the Coop. Ben the dog had his sausage.

Today after 5 lift bridges and the six locks of the Grindley Brook  I'm tired. My arm's  and wrists aren't used to all this exercise.....I have trouble opening jars! Quiet at Grindley Brook so we only had to wait for  one boat  to come up the staircase locks. The lockie was his usually chatty self......I'm joking!

We're currently staying at the bottom of the locks  and heading for Wrenbury tomorrow. We couldn't get there on a Sunday and not have Sunday Lunch at the Cotton Arms.

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