Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Sign Writer's Busy Today

On Monday we made a trip to Whitchurch for reviews at the doctor's, we'd  planned to be back afloat by then. All sorted with no fuss and we have two months medication sorted  for our Summer trip out on the cut.

We also visited our boat in the paint sheds at Aqueduct and we're extremely pleased with our shiny boat. The painter was due to finish on Wednesday and the sign writer was due to be there on Wednesday and Thursday.  He rang with a few queries and told us he did the sign writing when our boat was new ten years ago. So it is nearly done and we'll  have to be patient a  little longer.

On Wednesday  our day started earlier than planned when Eric had a really  bad pain in his chest and collapsed on the bathroom floor. To cut a long story short  the ambulance came in ten minutes and we had a day out in A&E and he was thoroughly checked out.  It was angina but still very frightening.

So we're  still waiting but we should hear from Aqueduct very soon. 


Judith Emery said...

Hope Eric is ok and you'll soon be back on board.
Judith nb Serena

Elsie said...

Thanks Judith x