Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Escape From The Paint Shed

 A view fom the stern, we love the sign writing by Robin 

From the bow, the cratch will be refitted later

Today we finally escaped from  Aqueduct Marina with our very shiny new paint job. Unsure of whether we liked the finished colours  as it's  very different from blue with just a mustard coachline. It's  growing on us. I thought I'd better take some photos before it gets bashed in the locks on the Llangollen Canal  as the side weirs  don't  make it easy to get in the locks unscathed. Aqueduct Marina is another windy marina so we were pleased to wake up to just a breeze.

I've been busy making a new set of curtains for the boat after ten years the others were faded. I am pleased to say the interior of the boat had been cleaned  ........I was dreading the dust after the shot blasting.  I covered everything inside in plastic sheeting  which had to  be removed leaving a clean boat. Eric had issues with his dirty engine which he had asked them to cover while the work was done, but after a complaint it was all expertly cleaned. An excellent paint job though and we're  very pleased with Phil the painters expertise.

Ben the dog is happy to be out of the marina as its easier to get off the boat when there's grass to land on.


John Lane said...

A very smart paint job Elsie & Eric, can you post a closer shot of the sign writing please? It looks very good!

Elsie said...

Hi John if you click on the picture you can enlarge it if I use your phone. I'll put a close up on Facebook tomorrow when it's light.Elsie x

Tom and Jan said...

A very familiar colour scheme :-) Jan would say "BMW Colours"

Adam said...

I think it looks very smart. I particularly like the raddle red gunwale tops.

Elsie said...

Hi Adam, the roof and decks are raddle red too. looking for an easy touch up colour. Elsiex

Hi Tom and Jan don't know about BMW colours we like Kia's.Elsie x