Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pain Killers And Pasties

It's  quite a drive from Sennen  to Polperro but it was one of those places on the to see list.  We took Ben for a walk up the last hill in Cornwall called Chapel Carn Brea, which is near the farm we are staying. From the beacon at the top are some lovely views of land and sea.

Plenty of windy roads and very steep down to the car park at Polperro where we paid the minimum stay £4 for three hours. The machines in the car park don't accept pound coins, so that's  their way out of the change over to the new  £1 coins.

We walked down to Polperro harbour through the narrow streets  looking at the lovely cottages lots of which are holiday rentals. Coaches were parked in the car park so it was very busy. We heard German and American voices as we walked.

Eric's must have cracked a rib when he fell as he's needed pain killers. The pharmacist  just said they don't  do anything for cracked ribs! He advised him not to drive with the tablets containing codeine  so it's  paracetomol  while we're  out and about.

We found the Polperro Bakery and continued to try and find the best traditional steak pasty in Cornwall. This one was definitely the best! We kept it mostly wrapped and hidden from the sea gulls as we ate the visible end. Ben had a taste of the steak too and he agreed they're  the best!

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