Thursday, April 06, 2017

Cruising Towards Hurleston Junction

Today  was a bit chilly  when the sun went in but we enjoyed it. Ben and I had a good walk alongside the boat. Eric enjoyed having reverse gear again and the boat was moving much better in forwards too. 

We passed this lovely pair of old boats all sheeted up. Obviously they were able to get through the narrow bottom lock of the Hurleston Flight. A boat due to join us at Whixall Marina could get through this lock.

We were in luck today as I had only one lift bridge to wind up and down, the other two were done for me. A kind man offered  to do the electric bridge at Wrenbury for us.......thanks again. Another boater did the one with its footpath across to the church. 

We worked  through the three locks at Baddiley with no problems, no sign of sticking out bricks just a gap where it must have been.  Swanley lock number two must have a huge void behind the towpath side  wall with the amount of water pouring out as we emptied  the lock. It was like it before the winter, it seems nice towpaths are better value for money in some places. Between Wrenbury and Baddiley Locks the  towpath was a bog in places with a collapsed section of Armco and it's been like it years!

Currently moored a few bridges up from Hurleston all on our own enjoying  the peace and quiet. Last night we had  some noisy ducks near Marbury ! Hope they're  quieter here.

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