Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bendy's In The Boat Shed

NB Bendigedig is currently  in the sheds at Aqueduct Marina undergoing  preparation for a paint job. We spent last week making our way from Whixall and trying to clear as much stuff as we could. The cupboards are crammed. The fridge has been emptied and the surfaces, bed and chairs covered with plastic sheets.

Leaving the boat moored up on Monday morning we lifted Ben the dog  onto the pontoon as it was too narrow  to jump down onto. The car was packed and we were off  with at least four weeks on dry land ahead of us. The boat will look very different when we get back as the blue will be gone. We've chosen mid grey panels, light grey  surrounds with an ivory coachline. Roof and decks will be raddle red. Let's hope they spell Bendigedig correctly on the sign writing! 

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