Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Lunch Again

Eric's tipple as he watched Wales

Eric's watching the Six Nations while I enjoyed  a film for 99p courtesy  of an offer on Google  Play.  I picked ' The Light Between Oceans' a drama about a childless lighthouse keeper and his wife who rescue a ship wrecked  baby drifting in a rowing boat. I enjoyed my film. Watching the shambles at the end of the Wales v France rugby  match.......I didn't enjoy that.

Lying in bed listening to the howling wind and hoping the  satellite  dish is still there this morning. We haven't  got anything on the roof other than a boat hook, a pole and a plank anyway. The plank has gone rotten after ten years and will be replaced with a metal one once the boat has been repainted. We keep  stuff that would be stored on the roof in a box made to fit the front of the bow deck by Des who also makes lovely roof boxes. He's currently  at Whixall Marina but begins his travels  in April and needs some work. So if you want a lovely roof box or one for your deck look out for him.

Time to take Ben out for his first wee of the day. I must get showered and dressed ......I don't  want to frighten the neighbours.

We're  off out to lunch at our favourite place 'The Cotton Arms' in Wrenbury. Definitely never fails to please. I wasn't  impressed  with last week's Sunday lunch despite it's good  review, but maybe they were having an off day!

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