Friday, March 24, 2017

Good Morning It's Friday

We'll I've just woken up on this comfy I really have to go out now? I've had some nice walks this week but I think I'll  go back to sleep.

Yesterday the sun was shining so we had a walk in Ellesmere before we did the food shopping. The daffodils  in the park were lovely so I took a picture. Walking along the canal towpath with a few boats on the move was pleasant enough although still pretty muddy in places. The wind was making waves on the Mere so it looked like we were at the seaside.

The work on the Prees Arm should be finished today so we may be able to walk further up the arm on the towpath. Although there was a diversion route it involved stiles  which Ben can't jump  over anymore.  The canal itself is open to boats so we will be able to leave in ten days for our trip to Aqueduct Marina for the paint job. Then it's down to Newport before we have a holiday near Sennen in of my favourite places.......I love being by the sea. I'm so excited!

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