Saturday, March 11, 2017

Another Week At Whixall

We've had some lovely warm, sunny days with no coats needed for our dog walks in all the usual places in Shropshire. The work on the Prees branch of the Llangollen Canal is nearing completion, the canal is open although the towpath is currently still blocked by fencing. Walking alongside the River Severn at Quarry Park showed how much rain had come down in the Welsh hills it had covered the pathway in places on the opposite side of the river. We couldn't have a very long walk as the riverside walk was blocked by a locked gate across the footpath due to the water level inches from the level of the pathway. Ben the dog loves being out but sleeps as soon he gets back on board.  

The nights have still been a bit nippy but last night was the first night I just let the fire go out overnight as it was just too warm for me. Just relit it now to warm up a chilly boat. We've had a little walk around the marina first thing and all is quiet. The swans have made a nest and last years seven offspring have finally left the marina. We'll miss their noisy flight practice and occasional thump on the boat roof as they misjudged their landing, until the next brood are ready to learn to fly.

We've had a visit from Chris Jones, the Beta engineer to do a few little jobs including replacing the ten year old gear cable which had gradually got stiffer over the years.  Eric didn't seem to realise how stiff it was but I found it a struggle when I steered the boat. He also checked the fuel again and sucked out 5 litre of fuel to get rid of water at the bottom of the fuel tank due to a failed seal on the fuel filler cap. There was about two litres of water in the fuel he took out and then it was just red diesel, so all ok now.  No sign of the dreaded diesel bug either.

A few weeks to go before we head off to Aqueduct Marina for the paint job so we're clearing anything we won't need and storing it in our onsite storage box, one of the perks of being residential. I sold my bike as it was just sitting there unused taking up space. I didn't feel safe on the country lanes and the towpaths drive you nuts because of punctures. I couldn't ride it with Ben anyway or one of us would have been swimming in the canal.

Have a good weekend, we're off out for Sunday Lunch at The Leaky Tap in Cockshutt with Nick and Liz,  so Ben will be home alone for a couple of hours. I'll have to bring him back a doggy bag!

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