Thursday, March 30, 2017

Just Some Pictures From Quarry Park, Shrewsbury

Today we went to Quarry Park in Shrewsbury. After a walk alongside the  Rivery Severn we walked up to see the flowers in the Dingle. The fountains  were spraying water and the magnolia was in bloom. Percy Thrower  had tulips around him rather than crocuses. The smell of the flowers was amazing. Ben was a reluctant walker today, he wanted to turn around as we walked alongside the river. Nice to walk on paths rather than muddy towpaths.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Good Morning It's Friday

We'll I've just woken up on this comfy I really have to go out now? I've had some nice walks this week but I think I'll  go back to sleep.

Yesterday the sun was shining so we had a walk in Ellesmere before we did the food shopping. The daffodils  in the park were lovely so I took a picture. Walking along the canal towpath with a few boats on the move was pleasant enough although still pretty muddy in places. The wind was making waves on the Mere so it looked like we were at the seaside.

The work on the Prees Arm should be finished today so we may be able to walk further up the arm on the towpath. Although there was a diversion route it involved stiles  which Ben can't jump  over anymore.  The canal itself is open to boats so we will be able to leave in ten days for our trip to Aqueduct Marina for the paint job. Then it's down to Newport before we have a holiday near Sennen in of my favourite places.......I love being by the sea. I'm so excited!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Lunch Again

Eric's tipple as he watched Wales

Eric's watching the Six Nations while I enjoyed  a film for 99p courtesy  of an offer on Google  Play.  I picked ' The Light Between Oceans' a drama about a childless lighthouse keeper and his wife who rescue a ship wrecked  baby drifting in a rowing boat. I enjoyed my film. Watching the shambles at the end of the Wales v France rugby  match.......I didn't enjoy that.

Lying in bed listening to the howling wind and hoping the  satellite  dish is still there this morning. We haven't  got anything on the roof other than a boat hook, a pole and a plank anyway. The plank has gone rotten after ten years and will be replaced with a metal one once the boat has been repainted. We keep  stuff that would be stored on the roof in a box made to fit the front of the bow deck by Des who also makes lovely roof boxes. He's currently  at Whixall Marina but begins his travels  in April and needs some work. So if you want a lovely roof box or one for your deck look out for him.

Time to take Ben out for his first wee of the day. I must get showered and dressed ......I don't  want to frighten the neighbours.

We're  off out to lunch at our favourite place 'The Cotton Arms' in Wrenbury. Definitely never fails to please. I wasn't  impressed  with last week's Sunday lunch despite it's good  review, but maybe they were having an off day!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Another Week At Whixall

We've had some lovely warm, sunny days with no coats needed for our dog walks in all the usual places in Shropshire. The work on the Prees branch of the Llangollen Canal is nearing completion, the canal is open although the towpath is currently still blocked by fencing. Walking alongside the River Severn at Quarry Park showed how much rain had come down in the Welsh hills it had covered the pathway in places on the opposite side of the river. We couldn't have a very long walk as the riverside walk was blocked by a locked gate across the footpath due to the water level inches from the level of the pathway. Ben the dog loves being out but sleeps as soon he gets back on board.  

The nights have still been a bit nippy but last night was the first night I just let the fire go out overnight as it was just too warm for me. Just relit it now to warm up a chilly boat. We've had a little walk around the marina first thing and all is quiet. The swans have made a nest and last years seven offspring have finally left the marina. We'll miss their noisy flight practice and occasional thump on the boat roof as they misjudged their landing, until the next brood are ready to learn to fly.

We've had a visit from Chris Jones, the Beta engineer to do a few little jobs including replacing the ten year old gear cable which had gradually got stiffer over the years.  Eric didn't seem to realise how stiff it was but I found it a struggle when I steered the boat. He also checked the fuel again and sucked out 5 litre of fuel to get rid of water at the bottom of the fuel tank due to a failed seal on the fuel filler cap. There was about two litres of water in the fuel he took out and then it was just red diesel, so all ok now.  No sign of the dreaded diesel bug either.

A few weeks to go before we head off to Aqueduct Marina for the paint job so we're clearing anything we won't need and storing it in our onsite storage box, one of the perks of being residential. I sold my bike as it was just sitting there unused taking up space. I didn't feel safe on the country lanes and the towpaths drive you nuts because of punctures. I couldn't ride it with Ben anyway or one of us would have been swimming in the canal.

Have a good weekend, we're off out for Sunday Lunch at The Leaky Tap in Cockshutt with Nick and Liz,  so Ben will be home alone for a couple of hours. I'll have to bring him back a doggy bag!

Thursday, March 02, 2017


Eric celebrated his birthday on Monday the 27th of February, another year older!This photo was taken in Cornwall, I think it was Sennen. We're going there again in April while the boat is having a paint job. and I am really looking forward to it. I'm a bit concerned about the dust and dirt created by shot blasting the exterior of the boat. We'll put away what we can and cover things with plastic dust sheets, No good worrying about it with another month before  it happens.

On Tuesday we had pancakes cooked in my new frying pan so they didn't stick. I used the recipe on Chris Evan's Radio 2 show for easy pancakes and  they turned out fine. Ingredient were easy  200 grams flour; 300 mls milk and two eggs all beaten up so it was lump free. Delicious with lemon juice and sugar too. Eric had golden syrup......he has a sweet tooth! After Ben's walk in Ellesmere by the Mere we had a lazy afternoon listening to the rain washing the outside of the boat.

On Wednesday it was St David's Day so we just had to have homemade  bakestones or Welsh cakes cooked in a heavy iron pan.  We had a walk around Dearnford Lake in the morning with Ben the dog, the sun was shining too.  Ben managed to stay fairly clean other than his muddy feet. We had a coffee in the dog friendly cafe.

Gwen as Betsi Cadwaladr
It's Welsh week in Gwen's school and they are celebrating all things Welsh. Gwen dressed up as Betsi Cadwaladr  a famous Welsh nurse. Lisa took the photograph.