Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It's Wednesday

Dearnford Lake, Shropshire 
We'll another week's gone by, it's been  a cold one but it feels a bit warmer today. Monday was surprisingly sunny and we went to see Dearnford Lake. We'd seen the  sign on the Tilstock road but had no idea if we could walk the dog there. Yes we could and the coffee shop even has a dogs allowed section which was full when we went.  From April onwards it's  a wild swimming lake too not that I fancy swimming in cold water. Looking on the Internet  the lake came into  being when a huge hole caused by materials needed for the construction  of the  Whitchurch bypass were extracted. The owners decided to use the whole in the ground. 

Yesterday we did the food  shopping  in Ellesmere where I walked the dog alongside the canal. It was very muddy in places. Eric fancied fish and chips for tea from the chippy in Wem, so we went  to get some at the shop by the Coop. The fish was cooked while we waited and we ate it in the car rather than let it go cold driving back to Whixall.  Ben the dog  had his sausage which was gone in seconds.

Today I need to do some washing and take Ben the dog for a walk. I think I'll go and see what's going on up on the Prees Branch. The canal is now closed for several weeks as the contractors need to use some heavy machinery to knock in the pilings. They haven't  started yet as you can't hear the banging.

The gas cylinder has been smelling all week which tells us it's  going to run out.......usually when it's dark and raining. We have a small spare until we pop to the marina office to get a new big one. It's just moving the satellite dish pole to get into the  the gas locker.

Time for breakfast.  Have a nice day!


Today on the Prees Branch
The big plant has arrived and is now banging the pilings  in.

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