Friday, February 03, 2017

A Quiet Life At Whixall Marina

We're  enjoying a quiet life here  at Whixall  other than the nights when the  wind  blew  and rocked us in the water. We've  had a few  foggy mornings too. The swans wait at the  slipway for their morning feed.

Our daughters and Ben the dog have all celebrated their birthdays for another year as the clever collages from Google photos show. Putting photos on the blog has been made easier by my new phone a Samsung J3 with a working camera. I can't upload photos on my tablet anymore....blogger won't work.

We've been walking the dog in as  many mud free places as we can. It was great walking around Colemere one frosty morning when the ground was hard with frost.  It was actually warmer in the woods out of the bitterly cold wind. The park in Whitchurch  has mud free paths too and a short walk from the Tesco  car park.

We made the best of the weather on Wednesday and walked along the River Severn at Quarry Park in Shrewsbury. Ben the dog watered quite a few of the Lime trees  which line the pathways. It was originally a red sandstone quarry. Alongside the river many years  ago the clothes were washed and the cattle watered. There's interesting information  boards too as well as the dingle with it's  lake, fountains and flowerbeds. Apparently  Perry Thrower  was head gardener.

Eric had to turn one of the boating mushrooms down a bit more because he was getting dropped on as he sat in his chair. We've  done  the usual boating jobs filling up with water and emptying things. We've  no problem with getting rid of rubbish with skips on site and the Whitchurch  recycling site to get rid of any bigger items.  Coal, logs, and gas is available too. Eric has been topping up the diesel tank with 20 litres cans to replace that used by the Webasco diesel  heating.

So nothing much is happening  here, we're  feeling well and happy enjoying life here in Shropshire. Eric one task in life seems to be keeping the car clean....a mammoth task with all the muddy lanes around here!

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