Saturday, January 14, 2017

Just A Little Bit Of Snow

We  left our boaty home on Wednesday morning leaving a  heater on low  due to the  forecast cold weather. We always seem to forget  something and this time it was our  hats. In the  past we've forgotten  shirts and had to buy some. It reminds me of the time  as a  family  we went on holiday and left our costs hanging by the door so we needed to buy five  coats when  we arrived  in North Wales.

We stopped  at the  arboretum  outside  Hereford for some  lunch and a walk with  Ben  the  dog........with the  wind it was really  cold and  Eric  ended up with leaves  on his head. Few dogwalkers  were out and no children as it was a school  day and  far too cold for the younger  ones.  

A quick stop  to shop at Marks and Spencer in Newport Retail Park to pick up an ordered  shirt for Eric as you can only get  the longer  length  shirts online. I ordered some jeans  for me too  to get the right length  and size.

We arrived  at Lisa's house and the car was soon emptied and the  dogs  running  around the garden. Tea was from the nearest  fish and chip shop. Our granddaughter Gwen soon had her grandad helping her with her puzzle book. 

On Wednesday  we attended my uncle Ivor's funeral and he had a very  nice send off. At the nearby country club we had  time to  catch up  with relatives  we only seem to see  at weddings  and funerals.  It's  worrying  when  you realise  the older ones  are dwindling and you become  the oldest ones in the family. We were chatting about funeral music and thought 'Help' a Beatles song would be a good one as the curtains close around the coffin.

Last night we met up with Eric's brother Robin, his girlfriend  Juls and his sister  Paula  for a meal at the Cedar  Tree  near Ikea  in Cardiff. First of all I thought  we were  going  to Ikea for meatballs  when Robin said Ikea but it was the restaurant near Ikea.

Today Lisa's off to San Francisco  on a trip with Sally while  Eric and I look after Gwen and the dog for a few days. So today we're off mud larking down Tredegar  House  Country  Park trying to keep Lila the sprocker  from getting  too dirty.......she loves mud and puddles so she may end up in the  bath!

After a few  unsuccessful  attempts I managed to upgrade my phone so the blog can now  have pictures. I couldn't get blogger  to upload  photos on my tablet and I rarely take a camera and it needs to be plugged in via USB to get the photos off the camera on the  laptop.  In the end it was easier to order the upgrade online and  pick it up in store after arriving at a store  to find they didn't  have the phone  I wanted  or they had one but someone else had ordered it so I couldn't  have  it.

Gwen in her school uniform
Òops I nearly forgot we did have ten minutes of snow which just  covered the top of  the car but it was soon gone!

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