Saturday, January 07, 2017

It's January 2017

I was very boring sleeping through  the strike of midnight by Big Ben in London but Eric told me the fireworks were amazing when he got into bed. I sleepily wished him a Happy New Year. We obviously didn't have noisy fireworks near us in the marina so Ben the dog wasn't freaked out.

Life goes on NB Bendigedig the Christmas tree is now on the bow of the boat in it's little pot minus the decorations and the boat looks a little bare after the sparkly lights. No pine needles to clean up as it was well watered. It continues to get a good soak with the rain we've had today.

It's been cold the last few days going down to minus 6 degrees so the boat was frozen in and we woke to creaks as we moved until the ice loosened it's hold. The marina was well and truly frozen with no water on the pontoons as it was turned off and anyway the pipes were frozen. As it thawed there were leaks so it had to be turned off again. The boat's water tank holds a fair bit so we can still shower or use the  marina facilities which still have running water.

A few evenings ago water was in abundance as a burst in the  loft above the empty top flat caused it to flood and the flat below it too. A phone call to Phil and the water was turned off but I can't imagine the water damage in the flats.

So dog walking has been on wet and soggy or crisp and frozen ground but we've still had our walks. Ben the dog is fine enjoying being back on the boat where he's safe from Lila Lisa's spaniel who was feeling very frisky over Christmas. Our Ben wasn't interested .....just as well as nobody wanted collie/ sprocker puppies!

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