Thursday, December 22, 2016

Three Sleeps To Christmas

We're down in Wales for Christmas, so these Welsh people are back in the land of their birth.  Although Whixall is very close to the Welsh border.  All the Christmas food shopping is done after having to search for brandy sauce in just a few supermarkets. The problem is what do we eat for the rest of the week, we haven't thought of that. Last night we had a spaghetti bolonese,  so today it maybe fish and chips as there's a shop close by.

Lisa's spaniel Lila has been giving Ben the dog lots of attention, not that he wants it.He just looks at her as she plays around him finally finding a spot where he can go to sleep in peace. We've had lots of walks or should I say drags with Lila's enthusiasm. Lots of mud and puddles so two mucky dogs.

My grandaughter Gwen and I made chocolate butterfly cakes  this afternoon and she enjoyed being messy as she could lick her fingers. No doubt there will be more messy play tomorrow as were going to a birthday party when our youngest grandaughter Scarlett  will be three.

Three, two, one  sleeps and then it's Christmas Day .........I hope it's not a too early start to the day the day!

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