Tuesday, December 06, 2016

It's December!

I don't believe it, it's December and the year seems to have flown by. Since changing doctors  to one in Whitchurch we've had new patient medicals, medication reviews and blood tests. We've also been invited to do the bowel screening tests and I've had a mammogram, so all checked out.

The weather has turned cold and we've had a frozen marina as well as the Prees Arm. The scarves,  hats and gloves have finally come out of hibernation. We've walked our usual walks on crisp frosty ground but today the ice on the marina has melted. Let's hope the water pipes under the piers have cleared too so we can top up the water tank on the boat.

I've bought a tiny Christmas tree in a pot but it's a bit sad compared to a cut real tree which always made the house smell of fir tree. We're spending Christmas with family anyway. Our first Christmas meal it this weekend at the Dog and Bull, yes my choice is turkey and Christmas pudding although there are other choices. Ben the dog will be home alone but we'll bring him a doggy bag!

All my presents are bought except for my husband Eric's, who gets harder to buy for and it doesn't help that we usually go shopping together. We'll have to go to Shrewsbury and go our separate ways and  meet up in Valerie's they do lovely cakes. Perhaps we'll have afternoon tea.......it always looks delicious.

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