Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year 2017

We had a really special Christmas in south Wales. I had the mammoth task of cooking Christmas Dinner for nine but all went well except the sprouts were a bit soggy, which I suppose it better than the bullets you often get when eating out. Paula did the starters which was a great help and Sally made a trifle for dessert and of course we had Christmas pudding.

Lots of lovely presents given and received and we have a new fluffy teddy blanket on our bed and the one on there is on the sofa where Ben the dog enjoys the  comfort whenever the sofa is free. In the night it's his favourite place which makes a change from outside the bathroom door trying to trip us up on our night time trips to the loo.....a sign of age!

I loved by silly socks which Eric bought me for fun!!  Very comfy and great for wearing my Fit flops with their toe post when it's cold. I also had a big box of Number 7 products  with lovely creams and potions. The nail polish was passed onto nails are always unpainted and short!  We came back to the boat with alcohol and chocolates which will have to be rationed......I do love  a  wee tot at bedtime is on the cards.

It's been very cold these last few nights with the temperatures in the minus figures but onboard we've been toastie  once we warmed the boat up after ten days just on frost stat. We arrived back on Wednesday to 40 degrees C but it was soon up to 70 with the fire lit and the Webasco  diesel heater fired up. Outside the boat the pontoons were frosty and needed gritting which was soon sorted as we didn't want Ben slipping or us for that matter.

We did wonder if there would be electric to the boat as there was an electric fault  in the marina before we left causing the RCD's on the pontoons to trip and it that happens it trips the one in the boat and  it would need resetting. Luckily all was well and it hadn't gone off as I did wonder if I should have turned off the fridge. I don't suppose the solar panels put much in the batteries this time of year/

This morning we'll have to face the grit free  country lanes carefully watching out for black ice, so we'll one of those annoying slow  drivers, as we need some shopping  although I suppose I could get a Tesco delivery. We've plenty of alcohol to toast the New Year in depending on whether I want a hangover or not.......maybe just a little tot of Drambuie! So all there remains to say it that we wish you all you wish yourself, a healthy and prosperous New Year.


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