Friday, December 16, 2016

An Update From Whixall Marina

We're enjoying having broadband, it makes such a change from hunt the Mifi signal .....which window shall we hang it in today.  

We had a surprise on Wednesday night when an electrical fault  plunged the marina into darkness. Inside with 12v lightening it wasn't dark and we turned on the invertor to watch TV. The piers were lit by the moon and torches when we ventured out to walk the dog. Luckily the showerblock stayed on so those showering didn't have a shock with it suddenly 
going dark.

In the morning the fault was found under the pier that connects us to land which raises and 
lowers as the water level changes. The wire had been chafed by the moment and it's now protected by a rubber mat until it's fixed. Electricians have been but it won't be fixed this week.

Yesterday we enjoyed a dog walk around Colemere but it was particularly muddy as was the towpath on the Prees Branch. Ben the dog wasn't happy having his feet washed!

The Christmas cards have been arriving and the tiny potted Christmas Tree sits on the coffee table reminding us Christmas is nearly here. How many sleeps?  Nine but Halfie thinks it's more. Are you counting afternoon naps?


Halfie said...

Ha ha! Not sleeps but sprouts! You asked how many to feed ten people and I was factoring in the likelihood of children and their probably not wanting too many, and people like me who love sprouts!

Elsie said...

That makes more sense. Enjoy your Christmas......hope you have loads of sprouts. We only had a couple each when we last went out as there was one bowl of veg between seven of us......should have asked for more!

Chas and Ann said...

It seems that the winter months are becoming more difficult for cruising. We have gone back to land and many of our boating friends have gone into marinas like your selves. Our boat Moore to Life is kept at Cropredy now.
Enjoy Christmas in peace. Chas n Ann

Halfie said...

Thanks Elsie. Actually my favourite Christmas veg is red cabbage, but remember, red cabbage is not just for Christmas!