Monday, December 26, 2016

A Christmas Update

Currently in south Wales with our family enjoying a lovely Christmas break. Yesterday I donned the apron and cooked Christmas dinner for nine including our two grand children Gwenllian and Scarlett. I had help from Gwenllian  who is eight on Christmas Eve, she's excellent at peeling carrots and the sprouts after I'd cut off the bits thst needed a knife. On Christmas day she sorted out the table with serviettes, cutlery and crackers to pull.

So Christmas Day started about seven in the morning so not quite so early as I thought. I loved watching Gwen open her presents with her mum while Eric got a lie in.  Later the turkey crown and beef went in the oven and it was just a matter of getting the timing right for  1 o'clock.

Family arrived with more presents to open and lots of chatter. After starters provided by Eric's sister Paula we had the main course.  Dessert was delayed for an hour because nobody had any room for  Sally's trifle or Christmas pudding from the Tesco's finest range which was particularly boozy. Suitably stuffed we enjoyed  catching up with everyone  and watching the girls playing with their toys.

Later all  our visitors went home and we had a quiet night in with Call the Midwife and Eastenders for Christmas day viewing.  It had been a lovely day.

Today we have another get to together at Paula's house which should be fun. Oops nearly forgot to say...........................MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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