Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Time Flies By

Since we came back to Whixall we've had one very frosty morning making the piers slippery but soon salted and gritted so no one ended up falling. Other than that the morning temperatures have been about 10 degrees C which is definitely warm for halfway through November. So dog walking has been a treat with no scarves and hats needed just yet.

On Monday we decided to find a new doctor in Whitchurch as up until now we've gone back and for to Newport for repeat prescriptions.Our old doctor has retired and  it's been nothing but hassle to get our repeats with items missing .....I think they expect you to just stay in Newport and go for prescriptions every 28 days. We found a surgery willing to take us on with some only covering a five mile radius of Whitchurch where we had to prove our identity and address, so we're registered and given forms to fill in before our new patient medicals. We can remember our medical history but have no idea of dates.

We've been finishing off the Christmas present shopping in Shrewsbury yesterday leaving Ben home alone. We took him for a long walk before we left so perhaps he had a sleep. Nobody complained that he howled and he was pleased to see us when we got back. Leaving the car park surprised us as we paid the fees after the ticket was scanned and the barrier raised to let us out without putting the ticket in the must work on camera recognising the car registration number. 

Today it's raining so it's mud larking in the rain. We noticed the city smells in Shrewsbury after all we're more used to the countryside smells around Whixall......mud and manure! 

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