Tuesday, November 22, 2016

It Rained All Day

Ben had a very short walk yesterday as it rained heavily all day. We were warm and cosy and didn't need to venture out other than to take Ben out for a wee, ..so a quiet day was had by all. I had my head in a book!  Obviously not that quiet with the wind  and rain hammering on the roof. It finally stopped after dark for a short time so I could venture outside to get rid of the fire ash in the dustbin supplied by the marina just for ash.

Today it's a much nicer today so we'll pop to Ellesmere to do a bit of shopping and top up the food supplies as well walk Ben the dog. We need to get some coal and logs too from the marina  to fill up our storage box while it's dry. Cold weather is forecast!

If all goes to plan some low loaders are bringing CaRT workboats to be craned into the water from the marina carpark today for the planned winter work. Seems an unnecessary expense when they could have come by water if they did it before the stoppages shut the canal at Grindley Brook. Everyone was informed so that parked cars wouldn't be in the way.

The swans will have to vacate the slip way too, it's their favourite spot.  Flying lessons are still going on, one surprised us by landing on the roof with a bang and falling onto the pontoon between the boats.....apparently none the worse for wear......the youngster went back to his mates by water.

We watched the  boats being carefully craned in over the hedge and here's some photographs taken by Eric. Due to my slow internet I can't upload any more.

The crane arrives

The huge crane lifts the workboat over the hedge

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