Friday, November 04, 2016

Autumn Leaves At Colemere

In the woods at Colemere

The week started badly with Eric needing to get a doctor's appointment as his cold had gone to his chest over the weekend....easily recognised by a dreadful cough. We tried to get to see a doctor and rang several surgeries, one had the system in place where you rang and then waited for a call back to see if you could have an appointment, another in Ellesmere told us we were not in their area although as a visitor you can go to any doctor. Anyway to cut along story short we ended up at the 'Walk In' at Shrewsbury Hospital which provides an excellent service  of  care when you need it and can't get a doctor's appointment. The doctor said another two days without any treatment would have resulted in being admitted not committed into hospital, so he now has antibiotics for a week. We were seen within an hour too, which was amazing.

Yesterday we decided to wrap up warm and have a walk around Colemere. The trees were amazing but the photo taken on the phone didn't do it any justice. Other than that Ben and I have been out walking everyday leaving Eric in the warmth of the boat. Don't fret Aunty P we're fine.....see you next week.

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