Monday, October 10, 2016

Ten Locks And Above Grindley Brook

During our stop in Wrenbury we did the usual Autumn job...........using this pack of heavy duty film and double sided we'ky tape to double glaze some of the wondow and portholes. We don't do them all as obviously we needed some opening windows.

Monday morning  we were up showered and breakfasted and on our way. We shared the locks today giving Eric a chance to use those arm muscles and me steering into locks without crashing which wasn't easy with the fierce by washes.   

Arriving at the bottom of Grindley Brook to a boat coming out but the next boat turned the lock ignoring us completely! Obviously in a rush!  So one lock up and the same thing happened again as they didn't see us, basically nobody bothered to look. They then complained we were in the way in the short pound when they exited the lock. Eric told them they wouldn't have had a problem if they let us use the lock set for us rather than shutting the gates and refilling it. 

Nobody come the staircase as I checked with the lock keeper who helped us up the lock flight. We stopped to get rid of rubbish etc and then filled the water tank at one of the empty water points. We decided to moor up on the visitor moorings which was quite empty but filled up later.

We popped down the lockside cafe '@29' and sampled their carrot cake and coffees watching the boats come up the staircase, we were the gongoozlers for a change.

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