Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Engine Service Done And A Short Cruise To Coole Pilate

A quiet night moored up on the 24 hour moorings and after breakfast Eric cleared the back of the boat  and dismantled the panels to get to the engine bay. Chris arrived and set to work. We had water in the diesel separator so Chris checked the tank and removed about five litres of water. It looks as though the seal on the filler can needed replacing. He's coming to see us to replace a cable which is a bit stiff and have another go at sucking up the water at the bottom of the diesel tank.

We had a visit from John and Judith (NB Serena) while we were at Audlem, they knew ww had curry for tea as they read my blog. Nice to meet you no doubt our paths will cross again.

Ben decided to howl when I went to the shop, but Eric told him to shut up and he did!
It wasn't as if he was on his own.

After reassembling the engine bay we were on our way to Coole Pilate moorings where we planned to stop if there wasn't the noise of clay pigeon shooting. No noise so we stopped. Ben hates bangs and won't get off the boat.

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