Sunday, October 02, 2016

A Rainy Cruise From Goldstone Wharf To Tyrley Wharf

Moored on Tyrley Visitor Moorings

A misty morning at Tyrley Wharf

When we woke yesterday we were at a slight angle as we seemed to be resting on the Shroppie shelf. After breakfast we decided to cruise through Woodseaves Cutting and moor above Tyrley Locks even though it was going to be a very wet day. Wet gear on and we were on our way.

Underfoot the towpath in the cutting was much improved.....CRT's been busy. Half an hour later we were moored up and floating as there wasn't a shelf. First job to light the fire to warm up the boat and Ben settled down with his head on the fireside mat. The rain finally stopped late afternoon as we settled down to eat a home cooked roast lamb dinner.

Today we woke to windows wet with condensation, it must have been a cold night but they were soon wiped with kitchen roll. I usually put plastic film as secondary glazing on most of the windows but haven't got round to doing it.  Outside it was a misty morning but at least a fine day was promised as locking in the rain is not much fun!

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