Thursday, October 06, 2016

A Little Further To Nantwich

Gosh it was cold this morning outside the boat and not that warm inside but a flick of a switch and the boat warmed up. The sun came out and warmed up outside too.

Just two hours cruising to Nantwich including working through  Hack Green Locks. Ben and I walked as far as the locks before getting back onboard.  We moored  on the south side of the aqueduct thinking the other side would be full, but we found out it empty when we looked as we crossed the aqueduct to visit the  town. Ben the dog made sure he wasn't being left behind by pushing past me to leave the boat first. Eric had a haircut in a posh barber's where it was washed, cut and blow dried.....that's a first ....he's never  had it blow dried in his life.

Nantwich Aqueduct......recently refurbished

Well Ben enjoyed his walk into Nantwich but we were feeling a bit tired and glad of a cuppa. Eric had the check the propellor down the weed hatch as the tiller was vibrating and he found plastic bags and a bit of rope wrapped around it which needed cutting off.


Halfie said...

How nice to be able to just flick a switch. Our Webasto needs the engine running to have enough volts to fire up. Perhaps I need to run thicker cable to it.

Elsie said...

Ours was fitted by Steve at King's Lock Chandlery, even starts when batteries show 11.9v. I was pleased he took all the Mikuni kit out and replaced it with all the Webasco kit. Did a very good job.

Halfie said...

I have heard good things spoken about Steve at King's Lock. Glad you're pleased with your Webasto. Funnily enough ours worked fine the next morning!