Sunday, September 11, 2016

Three Lift Bridges And Nine Locks Today

Going down Grindley Brook staircase

A quiet night and the temperature went down to 50 degrees F outside so we had a lot of condensation on the windows. It was soon wiped away and the sun began to shine. Soon we were on our way,  Ben and I walking with the boat to open up the first bridge, slowly it went up but no amount of turns would get it to come down. Luckily a man from the moored boats came and helped by turning is very quickly it started to come down. Thanking him we were on our way to the next lift bridge and this time I was steering and Eric had the windlass and the dog to walk. At Whitchurch we were lucky as the bridge was opened by a hireboater and he let us through after them.

In luck too at Grindley Brook as we didn't have to wait to go down the staircase and we had a helpful volunteer lock keeper. Just three more locks all set for us, it didn't take long. Lots of boats on the move, mostly hireboats heading for Llangollen but it meant willing hands at the locks.  Ben and I  walked in the sunshine while Eric was in charge of the boat. We did Povey's Lock, Willeymoor and Quoisley Lock with lots of help from hireboaters' We stopped at a Visitor Mooring before Marbury Lock. Ben's now fast asleep after his walk today. A lovely few hours cruising in sunshine, so nice to be out of the marina.

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